Wedding Planning services in ut & AZ

Officiant Fabienne und Andreas Lutz

Wedding Planning

Congratulations on your engagement. Looking forward to your wedding, but need some assistance with all the planning and organization?

We are happy to help you and make your dream wedding come true. We offer wedding planner services in Utah and Arizona according to your needs. We specialize in destination weddings services around the Grand Circle in Arizona and Utah.

Whether you would like to marry in a breathtaking landscape such as the Monument Valley or prefer a classic wedding at your home or in another location of your choice, we can accommodate it.

If you choose our wedding planning services for your Utah or Arizona wedding, you will get one personal wedding planner for the whole planning and wedding event time.


We are certified wedding officiants. We are allowed to perform wedding ceremonies in all states of the US.
We offer our wedding officiant service mainly in the states of Utah and Arizona in the regions of Kanab UT and Page AZ.

We respond to your desires. As different as our couples are the possibilities for the kind of ceremony.

Paperwork Service

If you take advantage of our paperwork service, you can just enjoy your honeymoon without worrying about all the formalities. We will help you with all the legalities before and after your wedding.

Our service includes the following:

Marriage license

A marriage license is required for every couple and has to be solved before the wedding. Our service includes assistance with solving the marriage license at the Justice Court. After the wedding we will complete all the paperwork to let your marriage be legally approved in the U.S.

Apostille service

If you are a resident from outside the U.S., you can additionally let your marriage be validated in your home country. We can take over this for you, as you will need an apostille.

For more details about all the required paperwork read more.