Wedding Packages in UT & AZ

Packages for your Wedding, Elopement or Vow-Renewal

At Wild West Wedding, our Arizona wedding packages will turn your dreams into reality. We offer attractive packages for destination weddings that include photos of the ceremony and an After Wedding shooting on the wedding location in the sights of the West. We offer a range of packages to accommodate your needs. Whether you want a basic package that includes a licensed officiant and a ceremony or an all-inclusive ceremony package with photographer, videographer and a romantic horseback ride into the sunset, we have the services and resources you need. Find out more by browsing through our basic packages and additions below.

This is an overview of all our packages and suggestions.

The starting prices are based on our base in the San Manuel/Tucson AZ area. To see accurate pricing and availability, send us a request with your desired location or area and we will be happy to give you a quote including travel expenses and permit fees, if any.

Most Popular Packages

Basic Elopement package

starting from $1050

This package includes:

Officiant & Photographer

  • Personalized Wedding Ceremony by officiant
  • unlimited ceremony elements
  • signing of marriage license
  • Photos of ceremony
  • 2h additional shooting time by photographer on location
  • 100+ fully edited digital pictures

Elopement Deluxe

starting from $2500

This package includes:

Officiant, Photographer & Videographer

  • Wedding ceremony with officiant
  • 3h shootingtime by photographer
  • 150+ fully edited digital pictures
  • up to 3h coverage of 1 videographer
  • fully edited 3-6 minute video documentary, with audio of vows

Vow Renewal Packages


starting from $650
This package includes:
Officiant with Photos
  • Wedding or Vow renewal ceremony with officiant
  • up to 2h (non-ceremony) photo-shooting on location
  • 50+ fully edited digital pictures

Wedding speech and pictures before/after the ceremony are carried out by the same person.
Photos of ceremony not covered with the Mini-Package.

Basic Services


starting from $300/$450

This package includes:

  • Wedding Ceremony with one of our
  • Signing and returning marriage license
  • Registration of marriage in the U.S.



starting from $650

This package includes:

  • Photos from our photographer
  • Photos with Pro-Equipment
  • Unlimited Pictures
  • Up to 2h Photography
  • Every additonal hour $100


starting from $1500

This package includes:

  • up to 3h coverage of 1 videographer
  • Product: fully edited 3-6 minute video documentary, with audio of vows
  • more video-options on request

Wedding Planning and Formalities

Remote Wedding Planning

starting from $200
  • Unlimited suggestions & inspirations
  • Contact with service providers, organization etc.
  • 10% commission on booked external services ($200 minimum)


starting from $400
  • Day-of-coordination on wedding site
  • $100 per hour (at least 4 hours)
  • plus travel costs


We offer different options to assist you with all the formalities for having your marriage registered in another country as well.

starting from:

  • $90 for Apostille only
  • or $250 for Marriage-license/Certificate,
    Apostille & Accompaniment on wedding day
  • or $350 for All-inclusive service including translation


2 witnessed aged over 18 are required by Arizona/Utah law.

If you don't have any guests/witnesses we can provide them.

  • starting from $120 per witness
  • Witnesses present at the ceremony and sign your license.
  • You can either book witnesses from us or bring your own.

Videographer/Photographer can be witnesses if you booked them, for no additional "witness" fee
We only charge for extra witnesses.

Additional Ceremony Options

With some of our options for weddings in our outdoor locations, the ceremony will start or be followed by a horseback ride or can also include a gun shooting- or zipline-adventure. Our possibilities are almost limitless, we are open to own wild ideas of our couples for their perfect wedding ceremony in the West as the word Wild is included in our company name. Themed weddings are also welcome and we will be excited to realize any kind of our couples imaginations for their dream wedding. Feel free to combine an add options to the basic package or contact us for your own visions of your dream wedding. 

Sunset Wedding

Sunset wedding at a location of your choice.

Get married at the most romantic time of the day.

Change your rings and kiss each other in unique desert sunset atmosphere.

Night Sky

Wedding under the stars

If you have an passion for the nightsky, this might be the perfect option for your wedding in the west.

Get married in the late evening, when the night falls and the desert begins to show his unique view to the bright stars in the sky.
What could be more romantic, than to unite with your soulmate under all the stars in the desert sky?

Tribal Wedding

Have a traditional Navajo Wedding Ceremony

You will be married in an authentic traditional way.
This will give you an unique insight into the wedding rituals of the Native American Indians.

If you want a real Navajo to hold your authentical tribal wedding, we can recommend Monument Valley. Other locations are possible as well, but travel expenses will apply for the Navajo if outside Monument Valley. Just please let us know where you want to marry.

Horseback Wedding

Saddle up and ride into marriage

Get married on horseback in the breathtaking landscapes of the Southwest.

Ride the horses in an elegant western style to have the ultimate western experience at your wedding day.

We arrange pros with horses for any kind of riding skills.
No matter whether you are a experienced rider or you never sat on a horse before, our professional partners will have the perfect horse for you.

Route 66

Do you want to turn your roadtrip into a honeymoon?
Honour the old historic Route 66 with a wedding ceremony by motorcycle and get married on this legendary historic motherroad of the U.S.
Of course you can also marry on another vehicle of choice or by foot.

Available locations:

  • Flagstaff
  • Seligman


You want a real wild west experience at your wedding?
We can arrange a customized ceremony that includes gunshooting.
Whether you would like to say „Yippie, yes I do!“ followed by a brave gunshot, or you’d like another idea, feel free to tell us your wild vision.

Zip-Line Adventure

Zip in your marriage in beautiful landscapes

Adventurers welcome.

If you like to zip in and marry on a special spot in the heights, this will be your perfect option for your wedding adventure.