For our wedding in the U.S., we have been looking for a local organizer to do the paperwork for a long time already. We had no big expectations, as we wanted to keep our wedding very simple and natural. It was not easy to find the right one among all the countless, serious, but also dubious providers around Las Vegas. Especially the desire to marry in a nature park (Grand Canyon & Horseshoe Bend etc.) at short notice seemed unlikely. (Mostly we found overpriced offered packages that did not really fit our needs).
We nearly had lost the hope to find an affordable way to make the wedding ceremony at a nature park. Our flights to the USA were already booked and we still had no solution for the wedding. 3 weeks before our arrival we found by chance "Wild West Wedding" on the internet.
After we sent our request an answer came quickly. Each point of our request was taken care of and an individual plan with several options was created. She has advised us on what is possible and not and has shown us suggestions on how and where the wedding and the whole day can be arranged best. And luckily, we got involved in it.
Two parks were offered near Las Vegas, where couples can marry and be photographed without a special permission. First and foremost, it was crucial for us that the wedding does not take place in a chapel or similar. Next, the offer was also very attractively priced. Services received in the offer, which we did not want, were changed or left out. Thus, we could design a very individual plan. From the beginning the communication between us went smoothly. Fabienne answered every wish and every question professionally and quickly (despite the time difference). We chose a wedding in a place called 'White Pocket'. There was not much to find on the internet. Nevertheless, a few photos were enough for us to decide for this unique place.
On our wedding day we met Fabienne and her lovely family punctually at the Justice Court. She has not only taken care of the paperwork, such as to get the marriage license and the recognition in Germany, she has taken care of from the beginning, what our ideas are and has responded to our wishes and has shown full commitment to implement them. We did not have to worry about anything. She had a hairstylist and make-up artist on the spot as well. For the bridal bouquet, she has given special effort and selected everything for us individually. Without stress and hurry we drove to the actual venue, which was 3 hours away from the Justice Court. For this Fabienne organized someone in advance who picked us up. We had an unforgettable adventure from the morning to the evening. She booked a tour for us, where we drove conveniently with a FWD car
to a non-crowded and nearly undiscovered place. We discovered the beautiful nature, while we drove to the wedding location. Together with a very nice / cool tour guide as a driver it was even more adventurous.
After 3 hours we had an exciting journey through forest and desert, we arrived at the nature park.

We received interesting information about the environment from the driver.

For the wedding we were allowed to choose a place on this wonderful nature park. Fabienne had prepared a very beautiful and profound wedding speech, which had moved us both to tears (she read it in English on request). The ceremony was very special for us. It was the opposite of mass processing, which is often experienced in the registry office. You have found beautiful words that have touched us very much. We will never forget the moment of the wedding ceremony.

Now that we spent the whole day together in nature (in extreme heat and wind), we had the feeling to be on an adventure with old friends. We laughed a lot and had a lot of fun. We experienced a great adventure with great people. Also the return trip was an experience that was unforgettable and still is. We had no time limit on site. Our photographer had enough time to take the best pictures. The tour guide and Fabienne were very relaxed and made us feel that you enjoy the day just like us. With the sunset we started our return journey. After a few small stops at special spots, we were back a few hours later than planned.

Overall, our wedding became an adventure and an unforgettable experience. We did not even have an idea that it could be so beautiful. Everything was exceeded, really everything! Fabienne has put a lot of effort and planned everything completely, so that everything ran smoothly. All documents, which we needed for the entry into the German marriage register arrived super punctually and in only a short time after only 4 weeks with us in Germany. All we had to do was bring an excerpt from the birth register. Recognition of the marriage was child's play at the office - not 3 minutes and our marriage was registered.

It was the right and best choice to choose Wild West Wedding for our special day. We can only recommend it without big words. Everything was simply perfect: from the first reception to the ceremony, the wedding day itself and the planning afterwards. Even though we found her so shortly before our wedding.

We would like to thank Fabienne and wish you a lot of success in the future.


Greetings from Germany

Deniz & Cansu

Deniz & Cansu, Germany