Here you’ll find an overview of everything you need to know about our marriage license and ceremony services. All services are in accordance with the laws in the United States of America.
For legal confirmation of your marriage after your wedding, you will need the following:

A Marriage License

A marriage license is required for the wedding to be recognized in the USA. Marriage licenses can be requested in Arizona and Utah on the wedding day, but it is up to you if you want to apply for the license the day before or earlier. Depending on the ceremmony location you have to solve the marriage license either in Utah or Arizona. We always tell you which Justice Court would be the next to your ceremony location, but you can also choose any other Justice Court within the State of your wedding venue. In some counties, you can make an appointment online. However, please note that the Justice Courts are closed on weekends, and you’ll have to pay the fee on the spot. Also some Justice Courts only accept money orders and no cash or creditcards. This is something that we already had experienced and want to make you aware.
Our Service: If you want take advantage of our paperwork-service, we can accompany you to the Justice Court and take over the payment of the fee on the spot for you.

Two Witnesses

In Arizona and Utah, it’s required to have two marriage witnesses. You are invited to bring two or more individuals whom you would prefer to be your witnesses.
Our Service: Alternatively, we can arrange reliable witnesses who will be present at your ceremony and allow all marriage paperwork for Utah or Arizona to be legalized.

An Officiant

At Wild West Wedding, we are authorized to perform legal wedding ceremonies in all states of the U.S. We officiate your wedding as certified ministers. With the cermony trough a certified minister you get finally married. The officiant, bride and groom and the two witnesses sign the marriage license after the ceremony. The officiant will return the marriage license to the Justice Court for registration. That's the moment where it becomes a legal marriage in the US. After the registration you will get a marriage certificate (or the certified completed marriage license in Utah) for your documentation.

Officiant Service

After the wedding

A Marriage Certificate

After you are legally married in the US you may use your marriage certificate as a proof of your marriage, for expamle for name changing purposes or else. The change of your last name is something you have to do seperately after your marriage anyways.

You also need the marriage certificate if you are a resident from a foreign country to register your marriage in your homecountry as well. For this purpose the following documents may be required as well:

An Apostille

If you’re a resident from outside the USA, an apostille is needed for the marriage to be recognized in your home country. An apostille is simply a specialized certificate that authenticates your marriage in the USA. To receive an apostille, it must be requested in the state in which the wedding was performed.
Our service: We are happy to order the Apostille for you, as it can be more complicated for you to request apostille during your honeymoon or when you are back in your homecountry. Please keep in mind, your local registry office may also require a translation or other documents, while others don't. We always ask in advance what your local registry office requires to be prepared.

Translation or other documents

Some registry offices in foreign countries only need the apostille and the marriage certificate, and other may require more documentation.
Our service: Whatever you need, we are happy to assist you, until your marriage is also registred in your homecountry. You can count on us.
If you would like your marriage to be legally recognized in your country, please let us know. We are happy to help you ensure that all the necessary documents are obtained and the legal requirements are met.


We offer different options to assist you with all the formalities. We can even help you having your marriage registered in another country as well.

See our options below:


starting from $300

This package includes:

  • Personalized Wedding Ceremony with
    officiant / celebrant
  • Signing and returning of marriage license
  • Registration of marriage in the U.S.


2 witnessed aged over 18 are required by Arizona/Utah law.

If you don't have any guests/witnesses we can provide them.

  • starting from $120 per witness
  • Witnesses present at the ceremony and sign your license.
  • You can either book witnesses from us or bring your own.

Videographer/Photographer can be witnesses with our packages for no extra charge, if you booked them as well.

All-inclusive Paperwork

starting from $250 w/o translation OR $350 with translation

  • for All-inclusive service:
  • Accompaniment on wedding day,
  • Marriage license & Certificate
  • Apostille
  • all national & international standard postage
  • (Translation, only included in the $350 package)
  •  All fees for all listed documents included (for 1 document each)
  • Express-options available in some cases & on request only, for an additional fee.

Apostille only

starting from $90

  • Apostille (including documentfee & international standard postage)
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