What are your package prices?

Our officiant Package starts at $300 in the Tucson area/ $450* for destination weddings. Another popular package is our "Basic Ceremony package (officiant & photographer)" which starts from $950* you will find all our packages here.

*plus travel expenses and Permit fees if applicable.

Typical costs/Preview:

In the Tucson area you can estimate with the "starting from rates"** on weekends. Only for the Basic cermeony package there is an extra charge for weekdays (Mo-Fr) of approx. $250. **Permit fees of locations not included.

For destination weddings (e.g. Grand canyon, Horseshoe Bend etc.) most of our couples spend between $1500-$2500 or more on the "Basic ceremony package" including all travel expenses, Permits, some add ons like e.g. witness, bouquet. This is just to give you an idea of the estimated total costs before you inquire. Certainly it can be less or more and is subject to change. Please make a request to get an actual and customized quote. The more details you share the better we can respond with a quote right away.

Price Transparency: How do we calculate our travel expenses? We are based out of San Manuel (Southern Arizona) we currently calculate with $1 per mile (one way). e.g if a location is 400 miles away from us (one way) we will charge $400 plus accommodation fees for up to 2 nights.

Disclaimer: All prices are subject to change, please inquire to get an actual quote.